Business service

Customized design handle

Fangmau is famous for its customized design products among Taiwanese window manufacture. With our both excellent design and manufacture abilities, Fangmau has helped many window manufactures  to boost their product recognizance and  corporation image in the market by using customized design products. 


By cultivating  in Taiwan window market over 30 years,  we have a strong channel to access window manufactures, and, with this strength, we would like to be partnership with those companies which want to enter Taiwan market with excellent products.

Industrial processing service

Stamping processing

All the stainless steel product are stamped in Fangmau's factory, and our equipment and experience have provided a stable good quality parts to Fangmau's production line. 

Die-casting & post processing

Fangmau's window handles are made  from zinc alloy die-casting, and window handle requires a good quality die-casting to do post processing such as tapping, vibration grinding finishing. We can copy the same experience and skill to meet customer's needs, and